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Duck Season for Windows

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  • Version: 2017

Cool Game for Retro Fans

Duck Season is a retro style game that is set to take players back to their childhood. Players take on the role of a young boy whose mother has just rented a new video game for them to play. However, it quickly becomes clear that this is no ordinary game and there are plenty of cool secrets to discover and enjoy in a wide range of different ways.

Getting Your Ducks in a Row

One of the things that really makes Duck Season stand out is the cool back story and sub plots. The game is set in 1988 and there are lots of retro touches thrown into the mix such as video clips that can be played on VHS tapes. Anyone who grew up in the ‘80s is sure to be in their element here as they reminisce about some of the things that made this era so good. While the main aim of the game is shooting ducks, there are also plenty of mini games to keep players on their toes.

Quacking Good Fun

With seven different endings to enjoy and plenty of sub plots and other action, Duck Season gives gamers plenty to sink their teeth into. However, it should be noted that a virtual reality headset is required in order to play Duck Season and people who have yet to invest in one will miss out on the fun.


  • Lots of mini games
  • Cool sub plots


  • Requires a virtual reality headset
  • The gun mechanics need a little polishing


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